Betta Fish Facts

Fact #1: When they’re ready to breed or when they’re happy and healthy, male Bettas will build “Bubble Nests” with their saliva.
Image credits: Flapper212 (CC 4.0) & ZooFari (CC 3.0)

Fact #2: Bettas get their vibrant colors from Guanine crystals.
Image credits: Daniella Vereeken (CC 2.0) & kallerna (CC 3.0)

Fact #3: Male and female Bettas are sexually dimorphic (they have very different appearances).
Image credits: Anandarajkumar (GDFL), Daniella Vereeken (CC 2.0), & “Me” (CC 3.0)

Fact #4: Bettas can breathe air using their labyrinth organs.
Image credits: Martin Fischer – Parostoteles (CC 3.0) & Marcel Burkhard – cele4 (CC 2.0)

Fact #5: Bettas have been selectively bred.
Image credits: Dvortygirl (CC 3.0) & ComiQuarium (Written permission)

Fact #6: Their upturned mouths are called “Superior Mouths.”
Image credits: Daniella Vereeken (CC 2.0) & Marion Schönborn (Public Domain)

Fact #7: “Betta” is a genus, not species. There are over 70 species of Bettas.
Image credits: BS Thurner Hof (CC 3.0) & BS Thurner Hof (GNU 1.2)

Fact #8: Their fins have taste buds.
Image credits: Daniella Vereeken (CC 2.0) & BS Thurner Hof (CC 3.0)

Fact #9: Male Bettas can exhibit a behavior called “Flaring.”
Image credits: Daniella Vereeken (CC 2.0) & Malzees (CC 3.0)

Fact #10: Of all pet fish, Bettas are the second most common (after Goldfish).
Image credits: Defender Regina (Public Domain) & Stacyh202 (CC 3.0)



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